Swimming To Success

Not too long ago, our ten-year-old daughter Ntsongmboma said she was going to write a book. I promised her that if the book is written it will be published. Here is what she says about her work: The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success. Are you in? Subscribe for daily holistic, inspirational updates! https://www.erictangumonkem.com/ Subscribe for daily holistic, inspirational updates! https://www.youtube.com/c/EricTangumonkem Are you Interested in resources that work? Click here: https://www.erictangumonkem.com/books #inspiration #productivity #thanksgiving #happiness #leadership #health #exercise #ie

Knowing The Truth Must be More than Head Knowledge

I count not the number of times my son says, “I know” after I have corrected him about something wrong that he has done. Each time he says, “I know”, my response is,” If you knew it, you would have done what I asked you to do in the first place”, or “If you knew it, you would not have done what you just did.” I am not going to minimize knowledge but will state emphatically that knowledge which does not lead to ACTION will do you no good. It does not matter how much you know. It does not matter how much you think you do know. You may even “know enough that you have earned a degree and are currently teaching others”. But if you do not act on what you think you know, your condition will not cha

Drop it before it is too late

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must drop some of the load you are carrying. You already have great potential in you and have been uniquely gifted to accomplish an assignment that only you can. You are here at a time, such as this, because you are needed. That is why you must find this assignment and get behind it. But it will be impossible for you to reach your full potential if you keep carrying things that are hampering you and making it difficult for you to function. Stop trying to please everybody. Why do you think that everybody has to agree with you for you to move forward? No matter what you do, some will always find fault with what you are doing. It is impossible

What is The #Truth

Last week I promised that I will continue my write up on truth. The reason being that no matter what circumstances are surrounding you, only the truth can set you free. The truth is so important that you cannot afford not to find out about the truth concerning your business, occupation, marriage, where you come from, why you are here, and where you are going. There is no aspect of our lives that is not governed by some type of truth. According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary,  truth is defined as, “The body of real things, events, and facts. The quality or property of keeping close to fact and avoiding distortion or misrepresentation.” Truth is not based on popular culture. Truth is n

All you need is the truth

More than two thousand years ago a bold declaration and profound statement were made by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He declared, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. These few words have the potential of completely transforming every aspect of your life. You will reap a great reward when you begin to know the truth about your spiritual condition, health, finances, job, marriage, education, friends, investments, history, future, sleep, alcohol and the food you eat, etc. It is in your best interest to find out the truth and to know it. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people do not like the truth. Part of the reason is that truth demands action. And action req

You can Help Stop Cyber #buylling

You may be wondering if cyberbullying is happening on a “professional” site like LinkedIn and if there is any point in writing about it. Bullying is well and alive and the perpetrators hide behind keeping all discussions on LinkedIn “professional” and try to silence others. These self-appointed LinkedIn gatekeepers and information moderators have come up with a “moral code for LinkedIn.” They have a strict standard that every discussion has to adhere to. For example, mentioning your religious beliefs is a no go zone. They are quick to point out that any religious stuff most is posted and discussed only in the groups that deal with these types of topics. The main goal of this censorship is to

One Sure Way Of Overcoming #discouragement

Discouragement comes to all.  If you are not discouraged today and know somebody who is dealing with discouragement, I encourage you to reach out to them. Discouragement is one of the greatest “enemies” to productivity and has killed more dreams than anything else. Discouragement is dangerous because it tells you some of the following: You lack the necessary skills to accomplish the task before you You do not have what it takes to lunch a new product You do not have the right connections You are nobody and your opinion does not count You failed yesterday; therefore you are going to fail today and tomorrow You are in the wrong place and at the wrong time Stop trying, stop believing, stop hopi

What is good about Good Friday

When I was a little kid, I had a hard time understanding the whole meaning of Good Friday. How can the “untimely death “of a 33 years old man on a bloody Roman cross be a good thing? How can dying be good? How can defeat be a good thing? What good can come out of false accusations, jealousy, and hatred? These and many other questions plagued me as a kid. Good Friday cannot be good! The unjust condemnation of an innocent man by one of the greatest “kangaroo courts” on the face of the earth on trumped-up charges by zealous men with wicked intent; for selfish gain. The man under trial was betrayed by one of his close confidants; who sold him for money. After spending three and a half years with

How to Know When Not to Give Up

There is no single bullet or crystal ball through which you can read what the future holds for you. But it is crucial for you to know when not to give up. The paramount reason for you to remain in the games is that only those who stay in the game have a chance of winning the trophy. Those who quit have zero chance of receiving any reward. Jesus of Nazareth told a story about three servants who were given money by their master to invest in the market place. After giving the money the master went on a long journey. When the master returned he summoned the three servants and audited their accounting books. Two of the servants had a one hundred percent return on their investments. The third serv

Before You Give Up, #think

As a little kid my father always told me, “Roman was not built in a day.” My dad made this statement each time I became impatient and wanted to give up on a project. According to Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” This implies that perseverance is a quality that you must develop if you want to be successful in anything you do. Many people give up because when they start the going gets tough and at times it is even tougher than they envisaged. Some people say somebody came up with a drink called One-Up, but the drink flopped. This person proceeded to lunch Two-Up, followed by Three-Up, Four-Up, Five-Up and Six-Up. All these drinks failed and

If Life Throws #Lemons at you make a #Vodka Martini

A tweet sent me thinking this week and it prompted me to write this. The tweet says, “When life gives lemons, add vodka, and throw a party.” I am used to making lemonade with lemons and now it seems you can make a vodka martini out of your lemons as well! This alternative makes a lot of sense and will definitely bring some immediate relief to whatever difficulties you are facing. Alcohol has the ability to cheer the heart, and make you feel good. While this temporal relieve may make sense, it is important to heed the words of King Solomon, who said, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” I am going to go on a tangent here, and say it is not

How to Overcome #But.....

But is just a three letter word, yet it has killed more dreams and stopped most visions than any other word in the English language. It is one of the words that has the potential to stop a well-equipped and advancing army. BUT simply means, “Between Us and the Target”. You have a target, a goal, a vision and a dream about the type of life you desire to live or the type of work environment you want to work in, and then you let BUT come between you and where you want to be. You must learn how to overcome BUT, because but will sooner or later come between you and the next move you want to make. You must overcome BUT if where you are right now is not where you want to be. The lure to use but is

Why you must make some corrections

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must make some corrections. Those who reach their full potential do so not because they did not fail or had setbacks. In fact, the hallmark of the most successful people is how many times they have failed and all the obstacles they have overcome. Those who reach their full potential refuse to let guilt, shame, defeat, anger, bitterness, and so on to stop them from pursuing their dreams. These people keep plotting on, no matter what is said and done to them. All of them understand terrible things, horrible things can happen to you, but the outcome is in how you respond. They know that attitude is everything; because of that, they develop a po

True Marks of a Transformative Dream: The case of HOTPEC #ORPHANAGE

A dream that truly outlives you is one that is born out of a deep and sincere desire to put the needs of others above yours. It starts with the identification of a need in your community, followed by developing a desire to make a difference; believing that you can make a difference, telling others about what you want to do, and doing something about it. I have simplified this into a four step process (#See, #Believe, #Speak and #Act), but one of the most crucial components is time. You have to understand the role of time and process to keep the dream alive and see it fulfilled. In 2011, I was passing the night at HOTPEC ORPHANAGE located in mile 15 Bokowa on the slopes of mount Cameroon and

#Love is in the Air

This Saturday was Valentine’s Day and love was in many people’s minds. We will all agree that all we need is love and all the chaos, heartache, pain, injustices, and suffering in the world will disappear. “All we need is love” is an outcry that has been echoed for many decades. Unfortunately, we struggle to truly love. Maybe because we have failed to define what love truly is or have a misunderstanding of how to express it. You have surely been shocked at some of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of love. For example, somebody taking away the lives of their children because they do not want the children to be born and raised in an evil world, or they do not have enough reso

Three Things that will help you Thrive in a Toxic Work #Environment

Where there are people, issues, and problems will eventually arise, and it is essential to learn how to continue thriving even when the going gets tough. At times the people making the work environment toxic may be acting out of ignorance, and may not mean any ill at all. In some cases, some people out of frustration, or whatever reason they may have decided to make life difficult for others. For example, you walk into a meeting with them, and they perpetually talk down on others and do not value the contributions others make. It is difficult to describe a toxic environment, but when you are working on one, you will know. When you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, unappreciated, and cannot wait

One #powerful #lesson you can learn from #rocks

You may think that a rock is a non-living thing and has little to teach us. Permit me to say that there is one lesson that rocks can teach all of us. Rocks will teach you how to increase your Cultural Intelligence, Cultural Quotient or CQ. The CQ is the ability to work effectively in a multicultural setting. The market place is getting more and more diversified and this trend is bound to keep growing. Therefore winners and highly productive individuals will be those with a higher QC. What are other ways you have used to increase your QC? or limestone collected from all the different continents of the world will be identical. The human family comes in many different colors and is spread acros

#How to put on work gloves in #corporate America

Yesterday morning I started getting my garden ready to plant some onions and Georgian collard greens. It occurred to me that I was wearing gloves, usually I like working without gloves, because I like the feel of the soil on my hands and the connection with the plants, seeds and soil that comes with it. This is a legitimate feeling and a good one for that matter, but it comes at a price, dirt enters deep into your fingernails, your fingers, get pierced by sharp objects, your hands get cold during winter. After you are done gardening, you have to clean your hands thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt. Even after a thorough cleaning your hands are rough and callous for some time. All these iss

All #lives are #valuable; You can say No to #Racism

As the world decries the recent heartless and senseless murder of 17 people in France by people who claimed to be doing it in the name of the Prophet Mohammed, you should not stand on the sidelines. One life that is lost through such senseless brutality is one life too many. Nobody no matter where they live or who they are should be shot in cold blood or blown to pieces by bombs, because they have a different belief system. According to the following BBC article last Sunday more than 3.7 million people including 40 world leaders took to the streets to show support to the victims of this heinous crimes. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30774114#%22 This action is highly commended and this

5 Things that will guarantee a #successful #2015

Let go of the past. You are not the only one who made mistakes in 2014. All you need is to ask others and you will be surprised by how many made the same mistakes you made. Therefore forgive yourself, let go of last year and move forward. Forgive others. You have to forgive those who wronged you in 2014 for your 2015 to be successful. Keep your goals simple. It is not the number of goals that matter. Do not try to get too much done and finally get nothing done. Goals no matter how good they are will not do you any good if they are not achieved. Therefore set achievable goals and do not overdo it. Be optimistic. Your attitude will make or break you. Like any other year, 2015 will come with ch



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