The Mark of a true scientist

A true scientist is honest, open minded, follow the facts, and know that the data does not lie, but interpretations can be biased. This scientist does not allow preconceived ideas, stereotypes, and their personal beliefs to influence data collection, and interpretation. The scientist does not allow money, fame, cooperation, national or individual interest to influence the results they present. Unfortunately, most of what passes today in the name of science are tinted. That is why people argued, insult, and demonized opposing views with religious zeal. To some science has become some religion. Science was never meant, nor can be a religion. You need to read and hear some speak, and you will w

What is the True Cost of a Barrel of Oil?

This morning I was having coffee with another geologist and this question that has been nagging me for a long time raised its ugly head. What is the true cost of a barrel of crude oil? This is a simple question, but I am of the suspicion that the answer is complicated. I am putting this out here to hear what others have to say about it. When I started working for an operator in the oil and gas industry, an older gentleman who was mentoring me told me to start getting ready for layoffs by saving part of my salary. He said, "When the times are good, they are good, and when they are bad they are very bad." He reminded me that he had been through a couple of circles of booms and bursts; this has

You want to be happy in 2017?

If wishes were horses everybody will ride! Happy New Year is what everybody is saying right now. To be happy during 2017 you have to make that happen. Here are six suggestions that will help you achieve that. Let go of the past: You are not the only one who made mistakes in 2016. All you need is to ask others and you will be surprised by how many who made the same mistakes you made. Therefore forgive yourself, let go of last year's failures, and move forward. There is much waiting for you in 2017. Why let 2016 rob you? Forgive others: You have to forgive those who wronged you in 2016 for your 2017 to be successful. If you do not forgive, you will be putting yourself in your own prison. Get o

Three Reasons Discouragement Hits Close to Home

You are going to be discouraged and how you handle it will determine your level of success. Do you have a business idea? Are you on a diet? Are you working on making some changes in you? Are you striving to be better? Do you have innovative ideas? Are you reading this post? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I guarantee you that you will face discouragement sooner or later. Those who are closest to you will be your greatest source of discouragement. They think they know you better than yourself. Your family members and close friends have interacted with you for a long time and know your strengths and weakness. Since most humans like to dwell on the negative, these people who are

Your Attitude will make or break you

The glass is not empty until you accept that it is empty. Your reality is based on what you believe about you. The circumstances surrounding you are not the only reality. The reality that will make you successful is based on your philosophy of life. What is your philosophy of life? Do you see yourself as a victor or a victim? Yes! How you see yourself will determine how successful you will be in all areas of your life. If you keep saying, you can't then you can't. That business idea will never get executed. That exercise goal will never be met. Start believing you can. Your expectation determines how you respond to the empty glass and your response determines the action you take. If you thin

The Long Road to US Citizenship

Fourteen years ago I landed at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport with a single suitcase in hand; no scholarship and no money to pay for my tuition. I showed up believing that by the special grace of God everything was going to be all right.Little did I know that it was going to take 14 long years of waiting for me to become a US citizen. During those 14 years, it cost me thousands of dollars to remain in the US legally. At one point in 2009, I was without a job and had no work permit. To make matters worse, my wife and four kids were depending on me for food, clothing, and other needs. At this point, I was tempted to become an illegal immigrant. I could have done this by letting my vis

How to Recover When You Totally Mess Up

Have you ever made a mistake that you are afraid or ashamed to talk about? After clicking send, do you ever wish you could reach out into cyberspace to retrieve an email? Have you ever uttered a word in the middle of an argument and immediately wished the word never came out of your mouth? Do you have secrets so deep that you would rather die than share it with somebody else? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know that you are not alone. The good news is mistakes can be avoided; however, you are still bound to make them no matter how hard you try. But always remember you can recover from any mistake no matter how egregious it is. You can recover from any mistake be

#Fathers Still Matter

My thoughts now are on my father and the profound impact his life has on me. Out of all the gazillion lessons he modeled before us, one stands out. He was there for us. My father made it a point of duty to be at home and only traveled when it was extremely necessary. He would put off leaving the family as much as possible. The few times he traveled he was never gone for a long time. This meant that he was there when we needed him most. Being there all the time meant that he had to give up some other things. The sacrifices he made to make sure that he gave us the time that we needed has paid off immensely. We are all successful professionals and are modeling what he taught us to our own kids.

How to Keep your body, soul, and spirit in synergy

Part of what motivates me to write is the desire to have a conversation with other people. We live in a unique time in which we do not need to be in the same room to have a conversation —all thanks to social media! I believe that everything we do is dependent on the equilibrium among our body, soul, and spirit, with any disruption leading to undesirable consequences. Thankfully, these consequences can be avoided. It is a pleasure to draw the attention of you, my dear readers, to some of these pitfalls, as I believe that we can share and learn from one another. Throughout the course of this year and the years to come, I will be focusing on how we can keep our body, soul, and spirit in synergy

Charity is not good enough, sustainability is

A boy was walking with his dad on the beach and they came across thousands of fishes that were stranded on the beach. Many of the fishes were dead while some were desperately gasping for air and waiting for the inevitable to happen. The boy noticed that his father occasionally, indiscriminately and randomly picked a fish and threw it back into the water. He wondered why his dad was leaving thousands of other fishes to die. He asked his father what difference will a few life fishes make; what about the other thousands that are left to die?. His father told him he was aware of the thousands that could not be saved, but it means the whole world to the few that are given a chance to live again.

You determine how full your glass is

You and you alone determine how full your glass is. The issue is not with the size of your glass or the quantity of the liquid in it. What matters the most is your attitude. None said it better than - Zig Ziglar, "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." In order words how full your glass depends on your attitude. Is your glass half full? Do you think you are not where you want to be? What are you doing about it? Let the half full glass motivate you to get it filled. It is an indication that there is room for more and you can continue to grow and expand. While it is going to require dispensing some sweat to fill the glass, your focus should be on the reward of having

People of Color

What do you mean when we say people of color? How did we arrive at this? When we say some are colored does it mean some are colorless? The more I think about this broad classification of the human race into white and colored the more it does not make sense. In our attempt to come up with a simple classification scheme we have created a distortion of the human family that is not necessary. That is why it is necessary to visit this issue and make the necessary changes. The marketplace is becoming more and more diversified and you will sooner or later work on a team with people who do not look like you. Your effectiveness in interacting with the members of your team will be determined by how yo

The power of being #intentional in all you do

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Success is not reserved for those that are lucky. Intentionality is what sets those who are successful apart. Yesterday evening our ten year old daughter launched her first book titled “Swimming to Success: A Story About Overcoming All Odds.” This book is a result of being intentional in raising our children. For you to grow in your business and in every area of your life you have to be intentional with your time, resources, and associations. You have to start with the end in sight, talk the talk and walk the talk. As a family we are intentional about traveling, reading, setting up our house, and watching TV. Traveling: As a kid, my dad always said traveling is e

Drastic situations call for extreme measures

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must make some cuts. Just because you have great potential in you is not a guarantee that you will reach your full potential. There is a critical part you have to play for you to reach your full potential. This is why it is crucial that you discover this potential, develop it, and deploy it. If it was easy to discover, develop, and deploy the potential in us, all of us would be wealthy, healthy, and highly successful. I don’t need to tell you that this is not happening. Part of the reason is that many people lack the courage to do what they must do to keep going. They hold on to past hurts, failures, mistakes, and disappointments. Some refus

Three things that will make you #secure

Last week we talked about the five qualities of secure people. We said you know you are secure when: 1) You know when to ask for help from others 2) You are open to other ideas 3) You admit it when you are wrong 4) You correct others when they are wrong 5) You empower others How are you doing as far as these five qualities are concerned? How secure are you? Are you afraid to ask others for help? Are you afraid to admit you are wrong? Are you afraid to correct others when they are wrong? Are you afraid that if you empower others they will become better than you? In short is fear holding you back? Is fear making you insecure? Do you feel learning from others will reduce your self-worth? Do you

Five Qualities of #secure people

Have you determined how secure you are? This is a crucial question that each person that desires to be successful in all areas of their life must answer. The sooner you answer this question the better for you. You are going to find out that how successful you are or will be is directly related to how secure you are. One of the top qualities of productive and excellent team players is individual security. The security we are talking about is not financial, material, or physical. We are talking about internal security; the inner confidence in who you are and what you can offer. The inner knowing that you are unique and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God and that nobody can take

My #Father

My father, my father, my father You are my hero, my guide and mentor; My coach, teacher, priest and entertainer Over the years you have boldly; Confidently, consistently and tenaciously don different hats, With dignity, honor, and grandeur, Without bemoaning you lead by example; You have persistently walked the talk No matter how challenging, demanding and taxing My father, my father, my father You are a prince yet humble, simple and the friend of all Other princes and princess gloried in their royal prerogatives, But you respected all no matter their social status Ever trusting, faithful, loving and hoping, All were welcomed to visit and dine at your table My father, my father, my father

How to experience the freeing power in the Truth

For the past couple of weeks, our discussion has been focused on a fundamental and extremely important statement made by Jesus Christ of Nazareth more than Two thousand years ago as he walked the dusty roads in Judea.  He said, “You shall know the Truth and the truth will set you free”. Like it or not there is absolute truth and it is to your best interest to find it. You MUST find it no matter how expensive it is. The reason is that when the truth is violated the consequences are catastrophic and in some cases, it can result in death. We have already seen that truth applies to ALL areas of our lives, that is the body, soul, and spirit and it is to your best interest to find out the truth in

How to experience the freeing power in the truth

For the past couple of weeks, our discussion has been focused on a fundamental and extremely important statement made by Jesus Christ of Nazareth more than Two thousand years ago as he walked the dusty roads in Judea.  He said, “You shall know the Truth and the truth will set you free”. Like it or not there is absolute truth and it is to your best interest to find it. You MUST find it no matter how expensive it is. The reason is that when the truth is violated the consequences are catastrophic and in some cases, it can result in death. We have already seen that truth applies to ALL areas of our lives, that is the body, soul, and spirit and it is to your best interest to find out the truth in

Knowing the Truth must be more Than Head Knowledge

Many people including myself have a disdain for the truth because the truth requires us to change. When we come in contact with the truth we have only two choices; do something or nothing at all. There is no neutral position; you MUST make a choice. In other words, truth demands that you make a change. This change is usually to better you. Unfortunately, change is excruciatingly difficult for many. Maintaining the status quo, going with the flow, and not perturbing the system is more convenient and comfortable. It is common to hear some say, “It is better to deal with the” devil” you know than the devil you do not know. In order words change is associated uncertainties and it is riskier. T



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