A New Currency

There is a new currency that all of us who use social media have. The beauty of this new currency is that all of us have an equal amount of it. Therefore, nobody should complain of not having any. This is the only currency that we do not need to do anything to have our first supply, but what you do with this new currency will determine how much it will continue to receive it. You must have heard that a picture or video that was posted by somebody on any of the numerous social media platforms went viral. What drives the viral phenomenon is how people decide the use this new currency. If people decide to spend massive amounts of this currency it drives posts and makes them more visible. The gr

Geology Inspires

You need to see the light in the eyes of the children, feel the energy in the room, and hear the excitement in their voices as they connect to foundation of our civilization and way of life. The children have every reason to be excited because geology truly inspires! " We are part of the rock cycle," I proudly declared and the students took a second look at their hands when I made them understand that we have minerals in our bodies that come from rocks. After probing them for some time they identified that our bones and teeth are hard. I went a heard to connect the dots for them. "We get the calcium in our bones from cow milk and the cows produce the milk after they eat grass. The calcium th

Lawlessness is not empathy

I am all for love, justice, and empathy when it comes to immigration and other related issues. We should love all people enough to let them know that our stay here on earth is temporal and no matter how good life in the United States of America is, compared to other parts of the world, there is an expiration date on how long all of us will live on this earth, including living in the United States of America or any other developed country. We should love enough to tell those that are illegal, those that have willfully broken American immigration laws or the laws of any other country that, it is wrong to break laws because lawlessness harms everybody. We cannot be afraid to call people to orde

I am the architect of my life

I am the architect of my life, And there is no need for any other, I formed myself in my mother’s womb and decided the beginning from the end. Feeble minds believe fables about a divine plan; Unschooled, uninformed, unsophisticated ones cling to midwife tales, I am free from the shackles of man, and my mind is free. At last, I am drinking from my own fountain and have found the truth. My truth, created by me, moderated by our collective effort; The truth that is ever changing evolving and adapting to the times, The truth that nobody knows how to define, but it is there, The truth that comes in many different shades. Whatever I desire I have, And whatever I chose to be I am; Free at last fr

She is your neighbor

The parable of the good Samaritan is more than relevant for us today. Jesus Christ told that story to make a point that we are each other's keeper and should be just that. It is a simple yet profound and compelling story. A man was robbed and left to die, a priest and a Levite on their way to the temple saw the man and did nothing to help. Then the Samaritan of all people shows up, stops, and offers help. From all indications whatever reason the priest and the Levite gave for not helping the man was not good enough and Jesus made it crystal clear that they failed to be a good neighbor to the man that was robbed. Are you a good neighbor, or have you allowed fear, stereotypes, and prejudices t

Is there an answer to the immigration crisis?

"The purpose of this book is to highlight the struggles and the price being paid by those who come to the United States have made a conscious decision to obey the law - those who make the deliberate, costly, and difficult choice to be legal immigrants instead of staying in the country illegally or undocumented. What makes obeying US immigration laws so important to these individuals? What inspires and motivates them to do what is right? Unfortunately, little or nothing is being said about this class of people as the country debates and grapples with the challenges of illegal immigration and undocumented aliens. Mostly you hear about the plight of those who are here illegally and how to ease

To live you MUST die

I think there is some hidden law that we should not talk about our faith in God in public, especially in the business arena. When was the law passed and which president signed it into law? It is time to stand up for our Lord and stop being ashamed. There is always a price to pay and we should. Jesus Christ did not go with the flow, and that cost Him His life. He is calling us to die to live, and the world is calling us to a life of comfort, convenience, and self-preservation. Who is correct? The word of God is spiritual food for your soul, and without it, you cannot grow. The word of God causes your faith to grow. It is not complicated. You read the word God says something you obey by doing

Racism Where is Your Sting?

According to the English Oxford Living, Dictionaries Racism is defined as, “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's race is superior.” Some people think that that they are better than others and even go ahead to act on these thoughts and discriminate against other people. Those who think they are better than others are living in self-delusion. There is one race, and that is humans, and we are all equal, although not the same. It is unfortunate that physical features such as the pigmentation of somebody’s skin, the color of their hair, and shape if their nose is used to define who they area. Who in their right mind w

Shithole or not we are all connected

How did we get to the point where everything that is said is spun to score political points? Must everything be blown out of proportion? President Trump is purported to have called some countries shithole countries, and right now the world has come crumbling down. Some have said only citizens from these countries have the right to call their countries shitholes, but President Trump has no right whatsoever to use that word. I am wiring because some people reached out to me and asked for my reaction. Some of these individuals expressed angry and total disdain towards the president. Those accusing others of insensitivity have allowed their anger to cloud their judgment. Did the president say pe

Why did you Migrate?

To insist that the main reason you left your country of birth is for temporal, mundane and material pursuits is to miss the bigger picture of Mission Dei and to continue to exchange your life for fleeting worldly things of this world instead of the eternal and lasting things in God’s Kingdom. The other sad and unacceptable explanation is the notion that your physical environment limits God. The God we serve is the God of all possibilities and is not limited by time, space, and matter. Therefore, there is no socio-economic or political condition in which He cannot accomplish whatever He wants. You know extremely well that in your country of birth despite all the reasons you gave for leaving,

A Gift that will make you a millionaire in 2018

A happy new year and my prayer for you is that 2018 will be a year in which you will maximize one of the most important resources you have, time. The good news is that you are going to have the same amount of time for this year like everybody else. This will be about 365 days, 8,760 hours, 210,240 minutes and 5,045,760 seconds. If you were told that each second could be turned into a dollar, you would do all to turn your 5,045,760 into $5,045,760. You will be a millionaire by the end of the year. It is unfortunate that most of the time society has conditioned us to evaluate our millions only in monetary terms. This should not be so! Money is not everything and should not be the only measurin

One way to take the toxin out of charity

Charity can become toxic when we fail to empower the receiver to experience the joy and blessedness of giving. I went to Cameroon to visit a sustainability project at HOTPEC orphanage. This orphanage has been in operation for 20 years and we believe the time is ripe for the orphanage to start giving to the surrounding community. Our nonprofit is providing the seed capital for micro projects that will meet specific needs in the community and in exchange the community will pay for these services and the money earned will be used to run the orphanage. We are looking to raising the standard of the school the orphanage is already running, we will be providing a library that will serve the entire

How to judge righteously

I read an article by Dani Deahl tilted "Chinese web merchants are using African children to advertise search engines and camgirls" https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/10/16121668/chinese-web-merchants-taobao-african-children-advertise-search-engines-camgirls and could not help but make a comment. A picture speaks more than a thousand words! This constant portrayer of Africa as a continent full of starving, malnourished, and diseased children is wrong. It is unfortunate that those who know better are allowing money to blind them from doing the right thing. This is a repeat of what the continent has been through and is still going through. Foreigners show up with "stuff" and a few people on the gr

Political correctness is evil, fight it!

Political correctness puts you in a box and forces you to become something you were not meant to be. Your desire to be accepted and to please others takes precedence over common sense. You say things you know will not produce the desired outcome, but you do them anyway because it is not the right thing to, but the thing that pleases. Political correctness will make you temporal friends, bring you momentary victories and temporal riches, but in the grand scheme of things, you will suffer a greater loss. Any business that will last has to identify and eradicate political correctness. Any country that will survive has to the deal a fatal blow to political correctness. The stakes are too high a

It's time to challenge lawlessness

There is a consented effort by some to turn the United States of America into a lawless utopian paradise. This movement is focused on discarding natural laws, civil and societal laws. They are rallying the country to break any law that that stands on their way to achieving whatever they desire to have. It can be pleasure, power, or economic status. All you hear is the call for humanity to rise and be humans. All restraint must be cast off and let true freedom to reign. This distorting of the true meaning of freedom has left havoc in many countries around the globe. There is a certain degree of this lawlessness that has given rise to dictators, embezzlers, and corrupt officials all over the w

Why I am passionate about the USA

Last December I wanted to travel from the United States of America to visit my parents and siblings plus extended family in my country of birth Cameroon, but there was an obstacle that I had to over come. I had just taken up citizenship of the United States of America in September, which meant that I needed a visa to travel to Cameroon. To apply for a visa to visit Cameroon, I had to hand over my Cameroonian passport to the Cameroonian consulate in Washington DC. What? Up till this point, I knew I was excited to be a US citizen a process that took me 14 long years of navigating the complexities of the US immigration system. Now I was being faced with making the ultimate sacrifice, i.e. givin

Slowly Digging Your Grave with your Teeth

Are you slowly digging your grave with your teeth? Your Professional life, marriage, and all other aspects of your life are directly dependent on when, where, why, and what you eat. Therefore choose what you eat carefully and eat wisely. Food is meant to satisfy your hunger and nourish your body so that you will be able to go about your day and business successfully. The issue is that we are using food for other purposes the food was not meant for. It is not a good idea to depend on food for comfort, fulfillment, and distraction. When you do this, you focus on the momentary pleasure that food brings, forgetting that your body has to deal with the excess calories that you are taking in. That

President Trump is not to Blame

I read such much hate-filled posts both in print and over the internet. These types of messages blaming President Trump are not limited to the written medium alone. All you need is to tune the radio and turn on the television and you will be bombarded with the accusation of President Trump being the divider and the person stirring up strife and hatred in the United States of America. Is this true? We as a country have decided to make the president the scapegoat for policies that have been pushed by some for almost three decades now. Before I migrated to the United States of America, I had read in books that the strength of America lies in her ability to attract people from all over the world

What does the Future Hold?

How do you know what the future holds? What is your attitude towards those that you meet on a daily basis? How do you treat people who do not meet the standard that you have set? Above is a picture that set me thinking. Somebody posted the picture on Facebook, and it caught my attention because I used to be one of the children in the picture. It is a true picture and represents the human spirit that triumphs against all the odds. The children are elementary school and wearing the same blue shirts and khaki shorts that I wore when I was their age. They are using a hammock bridge made from cane to enable them to cross the river below because it is the rainy season in this part of Cameroon and

A Wise Father

A wise fathers are difficult to come by these days because wisdom is rare. Any father who wants to succeed eternally MUST pursue wisdom and become wise for, according to King Solomon; Happy is the man who finds wisdom And the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are  better than the profits of silver, And her gain than fine gold. (Proverbs 3:13-14) Today we are being bombarded by tons of messages left and right on how to become rich and acquire more money. There is nothing wrong with having money, but a wise father knows that wisdom is more important than money. The Free Dictionary by Farlex defines wisdom as follows, “The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting;



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