Why you must remove all external barrier

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must remove the eternal barriers that have been placed before you other people. If you are alive and working on your dreams, you must have come across some barriers already. Some people talk of the glass ceiling or the thatch ceiling that needs to be broken. Other people point out racial barriers, socio-economic and political barriers that must be broken for everybody to have access to the “good things” of life. There is a general impression that the individual is at the mercy of the broader society and other people. If you believe this, then other people and the culture will stop you. I am not saying that racism in all its different forms s

Why You MUST remove the Barriers

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must remove the barriers that have been placed before you by you and other people. There are two types of barriers, internal and external, and all they want to do is prevent you from reaching your full potential. You may be wondering that barriers exist in the first place. The fact of life is that there are barriers, and those who overcome them become winners and champions. Those who let barriers stop them become underachievers and never reach their full potential. We have words, such as persistence, endurance, grit, mental toughness, perseverance, long-suffering, tolerance, and courage, because barriers are part of life. Without barriers, t

The beginning is a MUST!

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must have begin! You must take the first step if you are going to reach your final destination. Without beginning, it is impossible to reach the end. Unfortunately, some are under the illusion that they can just get to the end with any beginning. These are those who are more concerned about the fruit and the harvest without thinking about the planting. How can you harvest without planting? Is this not tantamount to stealing? No matter how great your ideas are and how through your analysis and strategy is, if you don’t begin that journey of a thousand miles with the first step, you will never get there. How many people have you met who talk a

Why You MUST begin small

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must begin small! Learn from the seeds around you that grow into giant trees. I hear the mustard seed is one of the smallest, yet it grows into a giant tree. There is tremendous and infinite potential in you, but it will only be maximized if you begin small. Nobody ever takes more than one step at a time. You have to take that first step; then, you can accelerate your speed. Before the acceleration, you must take the first small step. All of us started small and grow to the size we are today through a process of cell division. The miracle is in the consistency and persistence of the process. The two cells started it all and ended with 2 tril

You must Let Go of All Your Baggage

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must drop all the baggage you are carrying! How do you expect to win when you are overloaded with much baggage? While you may pretend all is well, you know the internal battles and frustrations that confront you daily. You have successfully masked what is going and project to the world that all is well. But in your heart, you know that all is not well. There are different baggages that we collect as we go through life, and at times, we find solace in these baggages. The solace comes from the ability to use some of these baggages as scapegoats for justifying why were are where we are. It becomes easier and comforting to complaining and giving

Why You MUST Drop Your Baggage

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then drop the baggage you are carrying. Without dropping your baggage you will never reach your full potential. The baggage is weighing on you and making it impossible for you to be all you were created to be. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get used to your baggage or to accommodate it. The only way out is to drop the baggage. While it may be a little painful dropping it, the cost of not dropping your baggage is exceptionally high. You don’t want to keep punching below your weight and living a life of mediocrity because of the baggage you are carrying. Nobody is going to drop the baggage for you because they are not the ones carrying it. Therefo

Why you must break any bondage that is on you

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must break any bondage that is on you. Without breaking free of any bondages that are bounding you, it will be impossible for you to reach your full potential. The sole purpose of any bondage is to enslave you and keep you where you are. You cannot afford to remain bound. Are you waiting for validation from others? Do you think your self worth is rooted in how other people perceive you? Do you strive to be a people pleaser? Are you always looking for a way to fit in and belong? Do you always do all to be part of the crowd? Are you always looking for ways to maintain the statuesque? Have you been told you are not good enough and will never am



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