Each time the issue of racism is mentioned, tensions immediately run high...

...reason is thrown out the window, and emotional outbursts run rampant. Even though a lot of effort has been done to fight it, the devastating consequences continue to this day. 

In this book, Dr. Tangumonkem challenges the status quo and presents a perspective that is both provocative and inspirational. Contrary to what you hear from those stoking the flames of racism and fermenting hate and bigotry, we are not at the mercy of racism. In fact, he dives deep into the history to explain to us why the tendency to be racist is present inch one us, regardless of skin color.


The good news is that the victory has already been won--all we need is to live it out. When we stare right at this supercharged issue with fresh, unfiltered eyes, a seismic shift happens. Perhaps, the light at the the end of rascal is in sight. 

We live in a fallen world plagued by political unrest, conflicts, and wars. ​

These factors, coupled with the desire for a better life, compel people to move to other areas-even across continents and oceans. Immigration brings people face to face with diverse cultures, and wherever diverse cultures meet, either there is immense personal growth, or things can go south quickly.


The strategies introduced in this book are for immigrants who are new to the United States of America, but they are applicable to anyone who migrates within or outside of a country.Make Yourself at Home is a valuable resource for helping immigrants avoid the pitfalls experienced by those who have gone before them.


Author Eric Tangumonkem, himself an immigrant and naturalized American citizen, presents practical assimilation strategies for education, money, home life, community, and health that, if followed, will position immigrants to excel in their new home.

Do you struggle with trusting God with your finances?

Feel that God is calling you to do something big but you can't see how it will be accomplished? Fear that He has abandoned you after starting your journey of faith?


Coming to America: A Journey of Faith is Dr. Eric Tangumonkem's story of wrestling with these thoughts and doubts.


God called him to America from Cameroon to pursue graduate studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, but he had no money to put towards this dream.


In this book, Dr. Tangumonkem shares his journey of learning to trust God as he stepped out in faith and came to America despite a lack of funds. He also shares some of his formative experiences prior to this call-experiences that will encourage readers in their faith. Dr. Tangumonkem's life is a testimony to the faithfulness of God, and he is careful to give Him all of the glory.


"This book provides a real-world case study for all who want to understand
the complex links between convictions, difficulties, God-centeredness,
perseverance and success. The timeless principles illustrated in the book
will change your life."
--Ebenezer A. Oladimeji, Ph.D.

"Eric's story is a powerful example of learning to walk by faith. I believe
anyone who reads this book will be encouraged to trust the Lord to a
much greater capacity and will be convicted of their little faith. The
Christian life is truly meant to be an amazing adventure of faith, and
Eric has modeled it. Read the book!"

Pastor Bruce Cargile
Senior Pastor of Creekside Baptist Church
Richardson, Texas

"I enthusiastically recommend Coming to America: A Journey of Faith."
--Tony Musumba, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics
Bismarck State College, North Dakota

When it comes to the problem of illegal immigration, divisive rhetoric has shut out the voice of reason and common sense. 

Polarization has resulted in two extreme views--either open the borders wide and allow the free movement of people and goods, or close the borders and prevent people from coming in. The solution is somewhere in the middle . . . if we are willing to listen to one another.


Why I Refused to Become an Illegal Alien chronicles the long and arduous journey of one man who immigrated legally and believes that the cost of allowing America's present immigration crisis to remain unresolved is too high.


Drawing upon his deep Judeo-Christian roots, this newly-naturalized US citizen sets forth Bible-based solutions that emphasize the need to be our brother's keeper--to show love, mercy, and compassion and at the same time be fair and just.

This is a book about my father, my teacher, my role model and hero.

A man of passion like any other man, but a man of exceptional qualities and abilities as well. The following are the seven keys to success my father passed to me: Fear of God, Humility, Education, Integrity, Hard work, Prayer and Vision. All these keys have been instrumental in making me who I am today.


In addition to these keys, my father was present when we were growing up. He made it a point of duty to talk the talk and walk the walk before us. This book illustrates how these seven keys to success were interwoven in our day-to-day lives and how they have opened unprecedented doors of success to me. My sincere prayer for you as you read this book is that these keys will open all doors for you and bring the success you desire so strongly. Amen!



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